What Can Entropy Provide for Solana Ecosystem
We have built Entropy with multiple protocols to create a super-network attracting builders and users to the Solana Ecosystem.
Our mission is to create a set of DeFi protocol that allows the creation, issuance and trading of any financial products of Solana Tokens.Our approach uses off-chain order books with on-chain settlement to allow creation of efficient markets,making funds and transactions more secure and transparent,creating truly open markets that are not governed by a central authority. The protocols are extensible by anyone.
Entropy will provide a decentralized protocol to implement various types of encrypted asset financial products. These protocols are comprised of open source Solana Smart Contracts and standards. Entropy allows creation of entirely new asset classes which derive their value from underlying blockchain-based assets. Financial products such as derivatives and perpetual contracts allow investors to achieve superior risk management with their portfolios, and open up new avenues for speculation. They also increase market efficiency for the underlying asset by aiding in price discovery and allowing individuals to express more complex opinions on price and volatility. Entropy provides advantages over traditional financial products by eliminating the need for a regulated central clearing house, providing global and equal access, and allowing users full control of their funds at all times.
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